Sponsor Interview: Liquid Web

liquidweb logo

Describe your company in one sentence?
A Premier Web Hosting and Cloud Services Provider with a Human Touch.

Why did you choose to sponsor WordCamp Ann Arbor?
We’re very excited about constantly improving our Managed WordPress hosting platform and responding to the needs of the WordPress community. Luckily it’s a bright and fun community that remains active and engaged. We had a fantastic time at WordCamp Ann Arbor in 2015 and much of the feedback we received was helpful in approaching the further development of hosting tools for this community.

What is your favorite WordPress-related resource?
I honestly couldn’t choose just one. I remain active, scouring all of my favorite outlets for WP news and developments. I’m constantly finding new resources to add to my list.

What kind of people do you like to meet at WordCamp?
I love to get involved in many of the different topics and groups, but I’m a little biased because of my role with Liquid Web. By that I mean that I’ve found myself in the longest and most involved conversations with people that have experience launching WordPress endeavors on different hosting platforms. The knowledge and feedback I get from these discussions is invaluable to our efforts and almost impossible to replicate outside of the WordCamp environment.

What do you find inspiring about the WordPress community?
I love the way it’s constantly growing! There’s nothing like running into familiar friends I’ve met throughout my work with WordPress, but the amount of new faces and ideas I encounter at WordCamp events is truly exciting.

What would you tell someone to convince them to attend a WordCamp?
As I said above, there’s just no way to replicate the type of knowledge you gain — and connections made — from interacting with fellow WordPress enthusiasts one-on-one and in groups at WordCamps. These experiences and interactions have been highly influential in fueling my work over the past several years.

Tell us something awesome about your company that is not WordPress related?
I’m really proud of the fact that the “Heroic Support” Liquid Web touts is more than just a tagline. I’ve seen the way our whole team is trained and empowered to go above and beyond for customers and it’s very impressive. I’ve come to rely on NPS (Net Promoter Score) as a fairly reliable third-party metric for companies that offer a great customer experience and inspire brand loyalty. This is why it bears mentioning that Liquid Web has a 6-month rolling average NPS score of 72, which is not only the highest among web hosting companies, but also puts us in a class with brand-loyalty giants such as Ritz-Carlton, Apple, and Costco.

Where can WCA2 attendees follow your company online?
Our website is liquidweb.com, however we also curate a resource for designers, developers, and digital agencies that may be of interest to the WordCamp set. They can visit us there at https://www.liquidweb.com/anchor/ (general company news is posted to: liquidweb.com/blog).